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5 ways to move Millennials with commercial building cleaning

Millennials hold majority share in the general workforce. So keeping this progressive hard-working pack happy is one of the best moves a business can make. Millennials think out of the box and thrive in work environments that match their dynamism. Commercial building cleaning services are a fabulous ally in keeping your workspace Millennial-friendly. Here are 5 ways commercial building cleaning helps you keep the many rewards of a happier more productive Millennial team.

  • Laser-sharp organisation: Millennials think and move at the speed of light. Remember, this is the crew that has driven the digital age where every service and need you can possibly imagine can receive near-instant gratification online. Commercial building cleaning helps you achieve a seamless orderly workplace where your Millennial workforce can find whatever they need in its proper place at any time.

  • Green hygiene: a healthy workplace is a happy workplace and this is as true for Millennials as any other generation. But alongside pristine cleanliness, Millennials care about their environment and shake their heads at harmful chemicals. The right commercial building cleaning partner helps you perfectly balance exceptional hygiene with going green. Safe eco-friendly cleaning products and practices light up work life for Millennials

  • Café-style caffeination: Few Millennials can (or want to) sustain their rapid bright work pace without coffee. Not just any coffee will do though. Millennials want café-quality coffee in every mug so trade that cheap instant for a smart coffee machine and quality beans. Fair trade coffee is always an added Millennial bonus too. So while you keep your Millennial workforce happy with coffee brew brilliance, commercial building cleaning professionals keep your coffee zones and work spaces pristine, bright and clean. All of which makes Millennial hearts sing

  • Ergonomic excellence: Millenials do not just love being comfortable, they demand it. So ergonomic work stations are a must for a happy productive Millennial workforce. Chairs, desk accessories and other productivity tools get moved around in the course of a working day. Luckily the right commercial building cleaning crew will tidy and clean work zones to keep these spic, span and orderly – just as Millennials expect

  • Minimal noise: Millennials thrive in bright open work spaces filled with natural light. But if it is also filled with noise, that brings Millennial frowns. Make smart use of partitions, comfortable furniture and good insulation to drive noise down and drive Millennial satisfaction up

Millennials are bright, energetic and pioneering members of the workforce. Let Collective Services connect you with quality customer-focussed commercial building cleaning solutions that deliver you three of the most important success factors: a clean perfectly presented office; a happy healthy team, Millennials included; greater productivity. Don’t delay. Call Collective Services today on 02 8883 5348 or drop us an email anytime.

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