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6 effective ways to increase productivity in the workplace

Work smarter not harder: so true and surprisingly so simple to achieve. Right now, there are several quick effective ways that you can grow a more productive team. From creating a supportive environment to engaging a great office cleaning business, peak productivity is within your reach.

Here are six of the best ways to get started:

  • Pour on professional development opportunities: employees hate feeling stagnant in their roles. Nothing pours cold water on your team’s motivation like static skill sets and no ‘bigger picture’. So pour on professional development opportunities instead. Nurture your staff’s individual aspirations by supporting them to grow through training, new skill acquisition and fresh challenges. Give employees a vision of where they could progress to within your business and your staff productivity will hit new heights. While your staff are busy growing their toolkits, don’t forget to maintain a clean productive workspace in which they will thrive. A leading office cleaning business like Collective Services connects you with will be an ace up your sleeve

  • Task-batch: when you work piecemeal you are less productive. Teach your team the value of batching tasks so as to settle into a rhythm with the task at hand. Book out a block of time in the week for meetings. Set aside a time window in your day when you check voicemails. These are just a couple of examples of batching tasks that will help work focus and performance.

  • Get meeting mercenary: a great productivity killer is unnecessary meetings. If a meeting is not essential, do not hold or attend one. And when a meeting is required, set a clear agenda and objective – and don’t go over time.

  • Declutter: clear ideas and actions need a clear uncluttered workspace. Free your work space from distracting clutter and watch productivity pop. The right office cleaning business will put paid to workplace clutter so you and your team can get on with business

  • Stand-up desks: getting vertical is a quick effective way to reset and stay productive. Perhaps stand-up desks are an option in your work space so staff keep posture, energy, comfort and productivity at a premium. If not, simply reminding your team to stand up at intervals throughout the day will work wonders for productivity

  • Calm = concentration: concentration is key to productivity. So call calm into your work space by playing soothing music or allowing your staff to wear noise cancelling headphones for some peace and quiet. Remember, a clean tidy work space supports your staff to feel calm so let a reputable office cleaning business keep that box well and truly ticked

Providing your team with a clean, comfortable, clutter-free workplace is a surefire way to fuel up your productivity furnace. Speak with Collective Services today about a quality office cleaning business that will support you in delivering just that. Drop us an email anytime 24/7 or just call us on 02 8883 5348.

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