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Budgeting for an Office Fit Out

The overall cost of your office fit out depends on a variety of factors, making it difficult to provide an accurate estimate. Purely cosmetic work requires a detailed analysis of your current workplace, proper utilisation, and the development of a future strategy. Structural works require more professionals on the job, like a structural engineer or a surveyor.

If you aren’t sure of what changes you need in your office yet, Collective Services, the leading general contractor, shares some handy tips for you:

List Your Priorities Down

Before planning a budget, it’s important to have your priorities straight. For this fit out, will you be focusing on your office’s aesthetic or functional side? We recommend starting with the most essential elements of your office, or those that are needed to make your workplace more efficient, then prioritising down to your wants such as a preferred floor colour. Closely consulting with professionals that assist you can allow you to achieve your priorities within your budget.

Be Pragmatic and Do Your Research

Renovating an office is fun. Picking out colours for the walls, choosing new furniture, and redesigning the entire space can really bring out your creative side. While it’s easy to get swept in the planning and preparations, it’s important to remember what your needs are. Would you need to renovate every room completely? Or are cosmetic touch-ups enough for some of them? Will you be rewiring your lighting fixtures? If so, which electrician in Sydney should you hire? One of the ways to determine your office’s needs is through research. Consider looking up industry standard guidelines and benchmarks that can guide you when planning your fit out. This can help you save on time and money in the long run.

Estimate the Costs

After doing your research and planning the changes you want to see in your office, it’s time to estimate the costs to know how much the project would cost you. One of the expenses you should prepare for is the preliminary costs. These usually account for 5 to 10% of the overall cost of your fit out and are crucial for your project. The initial costs cover design work, welfare facilities, health and safety requirements, and site management and setup.

Decoration and flooring account for at least 10% each. It can be easy to go over budget on these two, as there is a wide range of materials and options available. If you’re looking to cut costs, however, there are several things you can do. For one, choosing paint over wallpaper or other materials for your walls can help you significantly cut back on costs. Carpet is an excellent yet economical choice for your floors. It looks great, helps muffle footsteps, and won’t break the bank like other flooring options. You also have to take your office’s furniture into consideration. How many desks, tables, and chairs do you need? Will you also be changing the cabinets and shelves? What kind of furnishings should your reception desk have?

Knowing these can help you prepare an estimate for your office fit out that’s close to the actual cost. After the renovations, it’s important to invest in several facility maintenance services to keep your new workspace in excellent condition. Collective Services offers a variety of maintenance services that can help maintain your property. Contact us today.

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