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Daily corporate office cleaning done easy

So much can happen in a working day. Mess, germs and odours can be all part of the daily grind in a corporate office. While everyone is getting on with business it can be challenging to keep on top of daily office cleaning tasks. Cleaning up takes staff away from their productive tasks. Without specialist cleaning expertise, you run the risk of inadvertent damage to office furniture, technology and carpet too. All the same, not keeping on top of daily cleaning tasks means your brand, work environment, productivity and reputation could suffer. Luckily the right corporate office cleaning service makes it easy to succeed in business and cleaning alike. Here is how to do daily corporate office cleaning the easy way.

A day in the life of corporate office cleaning

Just what does a day in the life of corporate office cleaning look like? You may well be surprised at just how comprehensive a typical corporate cleaning to-do list is. To maintain a smartly presented, hygienic and productive office, the following cleaning tasks should be completed every day:

  • Disposal of waste and unnecessary clutter

  • Dusting common areas and workstations

  • Vacuuming all carpets, rugs and upholstery

  • Mopping tiled or vinyl floors

  • Sanitising workstations including computer, keyboard, mouse, phone and desktop

  • Emptying rubbish bins

  • Cleaning and disinfecting common areas like kitchenettes, bathrooms and staffrooms

  • Deodorising the office space

  • Much more

But who has time to do all this each day? Not you or your staff. Here is where corporate office cleaning gives you the best of both worlds: a smart hygienic workplace maintained while you get on with business.

Kick goals with corporate office cleaning

A leading corporate office cleaning service like that offered by Collective Services can power your business success.

  • Healthy workforce: minimise sick days with impeccable hygiene in your office space

  • Better brand representation: your corporate office represents your brand. Corporate office cleaning ensures you maintain an impressive workspace, always

  • Reduced cleaning cost footprint: an expert knowledgeable team with state-of-the-art equipment and industry standard cleaning products takes care of everything. In essence, you have an affordable all-in-one solution to corporate office cleaning

  • Greater productivity: a clean orderly office enhances workflow and productivity. Meanwhile your staff are freed from cleaning responsibilities so they can spend more time on productive tasks

For the latest innovation, equipment and bar-setting results in corporate office cleaning, speak with Collective Services today. You can email us anytime at your convenience or just call us on 02 8883 5348.


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