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Dirty office items you’d never think to clean - but need to!

Filth. There we said it. Without doubt, ‘filth’ is a dirty word and it is an even dirtier substance that is comprises a heady mix of grime, bacteria, grease, sweat and other nasties that can keep your staff calling in their sick days. One thing is for sure, filth has no place in your office. But chance, are it is hiding in plain sight where you simply have not thought to look. Just as well help is at hand.

A trusted professional cleaning service like those you will find at Collective Services puts in all the elbow-grease you need to enjoy a clean, hygienic work space – and it won’t cost you or your staff any downtime. But first, let’s take a look at what surprising office items your professional cleaning service is likely to tackle.

Computer mouse and keyboard: those ‘eat at your desk’ lunch hours or snack breaks take their toll on any computer mouse and keyboard. Not only that, but your office may be like many others with hot-desk work arrangements or communal computer equipment. That makes the humble computer mouse and keyboard a high traffic zone for filth and germs. Now you can leave alcohol wipes in ready reach for your staff members to clean their own workstations. But for a true intensive sanitisation of these heavily used pieces of office equipment, leave this task in the capable hands of a professional cleaning service.

Desktop phone: take a look at that phone sitting innocently on the top of your desk. It probably looks fairly clean at a glance. No obvious grime or dirt winking out at you. Don’t be fooled. Desk phones are seldom used by just one person and they can harbour germs and bacteria that are invisible to the naked eye. Don’t let desk phones make the call as to how healthy and hygienic your office space is. A professional cleaning service knows to give desk phones a thorough once-over from receiver to dial pad to base.

Carpet: just think of all the foot traffic that your office carpet sees in a day. Carpet can be home to a host of bacteria, mold, grime, dust and allergens. An industrial grade vacuum and steam clean by a professional cleaning service is just what the doctor ordered to keep your office carpets spic, span and sanitary.

A healthy office is a productive office. Engage a professional cleaning service to enjoy clean workspace surrounds, happier harder-working staff and less sick days. Speak with Collective Services today about the professional cleaning service that is right for your business. Call us on 02 8883 5348 or drop us a line via email anytime.

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