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Do your facilities need a spruce up?

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Customer Snapshot:

Our client a high end clothing retailer wanted to get various maintenance issues resolved at their stores, however they did not have the time to go and audit each store.


Project scope:

Collective Services provided the client with an audit service, whereby we visited all stores and audit all of their furnishings and substrates to ensure they were firstly safe and usable and secondly that they were still aesthetically good.

We then priced up what needed to be fixed, from painting, carpentry and floor laying to arranging to install fans in the back of house. We provided the customer with options and a photo library of what required to be fixed. This went back to them for approval and a work order was issued.

We carried out the work and provided a before and after sign off process for the works, all this within two months of them asking us to do the audit and completing the works.

Find out more on what to what to consider when creating a Preventative Maintenance Checklist.

If you require Collective Services to complete any task at your facilities within a tight time frame please do not hesitate to call Danny Singh.

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