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Green cleaning: everything you need to know

Looking to engage a cleaning services company but want to ensure their green cred first? There are lots of considerations when it comes to determining whether a cleaning services company is really performing ‘green cleaning’. For a start, true green cleaning goes well beyond just the products being used.

To get you started, here are 5 key questions to ask a cleaning services company to ensure you are getting an environmentally friendly, non-toxic cleaning solution:

  • What is your product line-up? You want to be sure your cleaning services company uses safe eco-friendly products from whoa to go. So check to be sure that not just some of the products are green but used in conjunction with other harsh toxic cleaning chemicals

  • What about the carbon footprint of your product line-up? A product can still leave a hefty environmental footprint even if its ingredients are green. Ask your cleaning services company to delve into more detail about the manufacturing, packaging and distribution processes that underpin its products

  • What is the VOCs concentration of your products? VOCs is an acronym for volatile organic compounds. These are substances that can trigger a range of allergic, breathing and dermatological reactions – and they commonly make their way into cleaning products. Your cleaning services company should be able to demonstrably reassure you that the lowest possible presence of VOCs is in their cleaning products

  • What type of vacuum cleaners are on your team? Not all vacuum cleaners are created equal. Genuine green cleaning services companies usually use HEPA filter vacuum cleaners. These significantly improve air quality and have lower noise emissions. Oh and they remove some 90% of potentially harmful airborne substances too

  • How clean and green are your mops and cleaning cloths? Cross-contamination can pose a serious cleaning challenge. It often occurs when the same cloths and mops are used in multiple areas. Check that your cleaning services company uses microfibre cloths and mops. These tend to be changed regularly to minimise cross-contamination. Microfibre mops also typically have colour-coded heads, each colour being allocated to a specific zone in the office or premises being cleaned.

Want to get really knowledgeable about choosing your green cleaning services company? Speak with Collective Services on 02 8883 5348 to connect with genuine quality-approved green cleaning services companies. We have done all the legwork for you. Get in touch!

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