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How Collective Maintenance Services Tackles Three Challenges for Australian Business Owners

Updated: Feb 13

Researchers reveal that the first three years of a business are the most crucial to determine its survival. Although a healthy economy relies on Australian business owners, many times it feels as though the noose is tightening as the challenges become more and more prevalent. Three of those challenges faced by Australian businesses are rising energy bills, government regulation, and maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

Luckily, help is at hand with Collective Maintenance Services. Whether you need healthcare facility maintenance, childcare facility cleaning, or commercial handyman services we offer one less challenge with your dedicated project manager, and a guarantee to stay within budget.

Here’s how:

Challenge #1: Rising Energy Bills

Rising energy bills can be crippling for a business who relies heavily on energy input to run a business. The costs can vary but can also be a hefty portion of a small business owner’s profits. Collective Maintenance Services has a team of highly trained electricians who have successfully completed many significant energy saving projects through LED. We provide a large range of electrical contractor services that result in a high referral rate and satisfied clients. Collective Maintenance Services will test and install for energy efficiency and can help you with affordable lighting upgrades.

Challenge #2: Government Regulations

The amount that government regulations cost Australians per year is mind-blowing. A Deloitte report showed that $249 billion was average for government intake concerning compliance and loss of productivity. This can take a massive bite out of any business's profits, and for many it's unpredictable. Collective Maintenance Services ensures that every particle of work that we do is under strict government regulations. This gives you peace of mind that any healthcare facility maintenance or other commercial projects we do for you is sound.

Challenge #3: Work/Life Balance

Practically all Australian business owners struggle to find a healthy balance between work and life. Long, demanding hours are always present unless you find ways to set clear boundaries and manage your time more wisely. If you find that you are overworking yourself and your staff, it's essential to call in a crew that will help clear stress and neglect from your life. Hiring a maintenance service is amazingly one of the most brilliant ways of helping your work/life balance.

Collective Maintenance Services is that helping hand to keep you from becoming a victim of business owner challenges. We specialise in all types of industries, including healthcare facility maintenance. We are affordable, dependable, highly trained and available. Contact us today to see how we can help.


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