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Site Audit Checklist

We often see clients spend money on work that with a bit of preparation could have been avoided, at best scrambling to fix emergency repairs at worst dipping into an already over stretched budget ring-fenced for other projects.

Studies show that preventive maintenance can save as much as 12 to 18 per cent compared to reactive methods*.

Like changing oil in a car, taking care of your facilites can pay dividens in the long run.

What to consider when creating a Preventative Maintenance Checklist A comprehensive facilities audit can help identify small issues before they get get more costly and harder to fix. With a good preventive maintenance plan, you'll stretch your budget further.

A good audit will incorporate a general evaluation of:

  • roofline and gutters

  • rainwater catchment

  • plumbing

  • external walls and surfaces

  • windows, doorways, security

  • electrical

  • floor laying

  • balconies, stairwells, walkways

  • lighting, fans, ceilings

  • fire prevention equipment and systems

Download Complete Site Audit Checklist

While auditing your facilities will help you ensure you're on the front foot, it can be a time consuming task particularly if your facilites are spread over multiple locations as one of our clients found. Read how we helped them here.

If you require Collective Services to complete any task at your facilities within a tight time frame please do not hesitate to call Danny Singh.

* https://www.fmmagazine.com.au/sectors/a-better-maintenance-approach-for-building-operations/

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