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The Best Colours for Your Office Interior

Picking the colours for your office interior is not the same as choosing the ones for your house. Colours can affect individuals physically and mentally, influence the temperature of a room, define zones and even help communicate your brand. For these reasons, it’s important to give significant thought into the colours you’d be using for your office. While shades and saturations would still need to be considered, Collective Services recommends the following colours for your commercial interior paint:


Green is a calming and reassuring shade that’s perfect for spaces where a strong sense of balance is vital. This is an excellent choice for meeting rooms or boardrooms where both collaboration and concentration are necessary. Deeper shades of green can be a great branding choice for businesses that want to present a serious and sophisticated image. Since green is on the cooler side of the colour spectrum, it’s a good choice for smaller rooms, as they can make the atmosphere feel less hot and crowded.


Blue is ideal for a boost in productivity as it can help stimulate the mind. Doing mind-work all day can be tiring for the brain, having shades of blue in an office can help make your team productive. Just be sure to introduce a bright colour like orange to balance out emotions and add a bit of warmth. As a stable colour, blue can also help people focus.

Cool colours like blue and green are best used throughout the office with warm accents. For instance, if you’ve painted the wall blue, add a brightly coloured desk or painting to up the energy level.


While blue is great for mind productivity, red is better suited for physical work. It can help increase heart rate, evoke feelings of passion and improve blood flow, making it an excellent for gyms or fitness centres. Red is also a popular choice for brands, as it creates a strong first impression. A lot of restaurants use red in their colour scheme or branding as it can stimulate the appetite.

That said, red is an incredibly intense and dramatic colour that can sometimes evoke strong emotions like anger. When using red around the office, it’s best to do so as an accent colour to not overwhelm the eyes. When used sparingly with neutral tones, red can boost energy levels and drive productivity.


Yellow is the best choice for offices where creativity is essential. It helps stimulate the ego and makes individuals feel more optimistic, making them unafraid to voice out bold ideas and come with something new. Yellow is also a warm and happy hue, making it a good choice for entrances and reception areas as it can make both customers and clients feel welcome.

As with all warm colours, it’s best to use yellow as an accent as too much of it can cause feelings of anger and frustration.

When in need of reliable commercial or industrial painting services, turn to Collective Services. With over a decade of painting experience, we can assure you that your project will be done smoothly and efficiently with exceptional results. Aside from commercial painting services in Sydney, we also provide professional cleaning and maintenance solutions to help preserve your office’s beauty. Contact us today to get started.

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