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The Do’s and Don’ts of a Successful Office Fit-Out

A fit-out serves as a clean slate for your office, allowing you to completely refurbish and renovate the space to maximise your team’s productivity and leave a positive impression on potential clients and partners. Regardless of whether you are doing this to boost morale, meet your team’s needs, or present a more professional image, it’s important to do so correctly the first time. If you’re going into your first office fit-out blindly, consider these tips from the trusted handyman in Sydney, Collective Services:

Do Plan With Your Project Manager

Fit-outs require a considerable amount of work, with the length and complexity varying depending on the changes you want to do. Hiring a capable property maintenance experts that specialises in the type of refurbishment you want is crucial, especially if it’s your first time planning an office fit-out. Make sure you meet frequently to discuss the design, renovations, and elements that are involved in the construction. It’s best to divide the entire procedure into various steps and identify who will be working on what part of the project early on.

Don’t Ignore Your Team’s Needs

When done right, fit-outs can go a long way towards improving your team’s performance. Which is why when planning for a fit-out, you should always consider the needs of your members. For instance, people who are working in writing material would appreciate the silence and solitude needed to work efficiently. Meanwhile, those working in sales would benefit more from working closely in the same space. While an open office has its advantages, it does not take into consideration the preferences of your staff.

Do Create An Accurate Budget

One of the hardest parts of planning an office fit-out is preparing an accurate budget. While you need to be considerate of your team, it won’t do your company any good if you overspend on renovations, especially since the costs can quickly estimate during a fit-out. Before allocating a budget for the wants, be sure you have covered the needs first. Some elements you can focus on include labour costs, furniture removals, and electrical and plumbing work.

Knowing an estimate of the costs in advance can help you draft an accurate budget. Working with an experienced property maintenance experts like Collective Services can make a significant difference during this step. Since we have already handled hundreds of fit-outs before, we can help you create a more detailed budget by providing you with information regarding suppliers & contractors and material alternatives.

Don’t Assume All Contractors Are the Same

While they essentially offer the same services, there are several deciding factors that make good contractors stand out from the rest. For instance, an excellent fit-out manager should be able to quickly find contractors that are suitable for your project, regardless of its size and scale. They should also have established links to crucial disciplines including construction, design, furniture supply, and property maintenance services. It’s also important to choose contractors who seem as though they actually want the project. Would they be willing to commit? Can they do whatever is needed to ensure that they deliver top quality results on time and within budget?

Collective Services can provide you with reliable fit-out services. Our experienced team can guide you from the start to finish to ensure that every step of the process exceeds your standards. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.


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