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The Importance of Onsite Team Management

From a very young age, we are taught to be part of a team. To work together, listen to one another and collaborate to reach a common goal. Teams must have defined structures, so each individual knows his or her tasks to accomplish the outlined objectives. Without proper leadership, the objectives and ultimate goals fall to pieces. Any Australian cleaning company will understand that this could spell disaster for their company and their client.

Collective Maintenance Services realises that having proper team management involves clear communication, positive teamwork and attainable goals with rewards. And because we make the satisfaction and wellbeing of our clients and employees a priority, we combine effective leadership with having an onsite team management strategy in place at all times. The results of having such a proactive approach have made us the top Australian cleaning company with a professional and reliable reputation.

How do we do this?

Our secret to success isn't so much a secret, but a state of mind, knowing that "People don't leave jobs, they leave managers." So that we don't fall into this trap, we have a dedicated operations manager who proactively manages the cleaners onsite. They ensure that the staff is self-assured, and the work we produce is to the highest standard.

Our onsite managers receive training from our executives. From there, we instil the skills necessary for our operations managers to be influential leaders. These include:

  • Passion

  • Accountability

  • Motivation

  • Communication

In turn, the onsite manager trains, engages and positively influences our cleaning staff. We reinforce growth and development, so our cleaning staff are confident in their positions. Their confidence shows in their ability to follow instructions and stay organised and on task.

We've found that training onsite is essential since people tend to be visual or hands-on learners. Their training is thorough and ensures the cleaners are following the scope. Through trained observation, the managers find areas for improvement, then train the cleaners in new and efficient ways to clean. Our methods boost our staff's empowerment, confidence and appreciation for the tasks. Ongoing training keeps complacency at bay and reinvigorates morale.

Having an onsite operations manager creates a healthy company culture with hardworking and reliable employees. As a well-known Australian cleaning company for over 40 years, Collective Maintenance Services has a low staff turnover rate because of our communicative and reliable team environment. If you're ready for a cleaning company that puts focus on effective management, contact our friendly customer service.


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