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Tips for choosing a property maintenance company

What a difference a property maintenance company can make. In one seamless solution, you can have all maintenance services taken care of anytime 24/7. That means you keep your property in pristine presentation and working order while consistently enhancing your property value. But not every property maintenance company is created equal. So here are some top tips in what to look for in a quality property maintenance company and what you should expect from their services.

Your property maintenance company: what to expect

When it comes to setting up expectations, nobody says it better than clients. So here is what just one of many satisfied Collective Services clients has to say about our property maintenance services:

"What’s impressed us most with Collective Services, is that they are a professional organisation with a genuine commitment to delivering exceptional customer service. They can be contacted at any time if we have any specific or additional requirements they are very efficient and happy in responding to our requests.
Collective Services made time to visit each of our sites, understand our business and discuss specific requirements with our site managers. This has ensured the service they provide delivers the important aspects specific to our industry as well as all the requirements of general commercial cleaning. 
The Collective Services management have demonstrated they are fully committed to resourcing, training and supporting their staff to deliver the service they have promised.”
Franchisee of Leading Fitness Centres in Sydney

Right here in this quote, you can glean a handy bunch of tips as to what you can and should expect from your property maintenance company. Exceptional customer service, 24/7 responsiveness, specific customised cleaning expertise, experienced continually upskilled staff and much more.

Top tips for choosing your property maintenance company

  • One-stop-shop: your property maintenance company should offer a complete 24/7 solution to both planned and emergency maintenance needs – just like Collective Services does

  • Experience: not every property maintenance company is the same when it comes to experience and capabilities. Look for a proven track record of hands-on expertise and flexible expertise that can be customised to your specific needs

  • Scope: seek a full service property maintenance company that covers all bases including structural, electrical, plumbing and finishing work

  • Credentials: outstanding results depend on having the right people on the job. No matter where you are in Australia, Collective Services can mobilise qualified, licensed and insured qualified property maintenance professionals to meet and exceed your expectations

A premium property maintenance company is a critical success factor in your asset protection equation. To put the best to work for your property, speak to Collective Services today on 02 8883 5348. Or simply drop us an email at your convenience.

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