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Colouring Safety: Using Colour Coding Systems to Prevent Cross-Contamination

Colour is an impressive communication tool and can influence how people respond to different situations. Any reliable and highly-skilled Australian cleaning company will tell you how important it is to use colour as an effective safety measure.

One crucial way we use colours at Collective Maintenance Services is to colour code all of our cleaning supplies. We would never want to use a bathroom bucket in the kitchen, or a handrail cloth for a lunchroom bench top.

That’s why we adhere to a strict colour coding system for all of our mops, buckets and cloths to keep from cross-contamination. Our trained staff follows the guidelines to ensure we always have the correct colour associated with the materials we use, no matter the size of the job.

Our method is simple and effective. We use the same coding system for our generic office and medical supplies lists; that way, there is no confusion at different job locations.

  • Red cloth: toilets only

  • Red bucket: bathroom floors only

  • Yellow cloth: bathroom basins and bench tops only

  • Blue cloth: all touch points (light switch, rails, buttons, phones and door handles) and general surfaces (desks and shelves)

  • Blue bucket: general floor cleaning (hallways, stairs, reception and lift floors)

  • Green cloth: lunchrooms and kitchens (benches, sinks, tables and chairs)

  • Green bucket: general floor cleaning (kitchen and lunchroom floors)

  • White cloth: theatre benches, beds, sinks, walls only

  • White bucket: theatre floors only

Your Leading Australian Cleaning Company

Colour coding cleaning materials are a brilliant way of keeping from cross-contamination because our staff can tell at a single glance which material they are using and where. Colour acts as superb hazard communication, and all national regulations have some sort of colour coding in place. This is why Collective Maintenance Services is your preferred Australian cleaning company.

We not only adhere to hiring and training the best cleaning service staff, but we take safety and cross-contamination as a first concern. Using a colour coding system is only one of many ways we make sure our staff and customers stay safe. If you would like to find out more about how you can use our professional cleaning services, call our friendly team today and we’ll walk you through our process.

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